Eco-Razor 102B | Matte Black Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor

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Eco-Razor 102B | Matte Black Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor

Eco-Razor 102B | Matte Black Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor


Eco-Razor 102B | Matte Black Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor

  • Delivers a fabulous shave. Great for both new and experienced safety razor users!
  • A Genuine Eco-Razor Safety Razor Product!
  • Snap/Lock blade holder along with inserts to ensure secure blade insertion.
  • Butterfly Door Opening Mechanism for Ease of Blade Replacement!
  • Solid Brass Frame for Durability and Rust resistance!
  • 5x Double Edge Razor Blades included!

The Eco-Razor 102B is a classic! For those who love the all dark matte-black outlook. The razor is all metal - genuine brass frame with matte black plating. This razor's handle is smooth to the touch, thanks to the weave design of its handle. Each stroke of this razor would translate to an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the Derby Extra Razor blades.

The Eco-Razor 102B weighs 3.0 ounces and is perfect for both new and expert wet shavers!. We believe this razor will rival any on the market for shave closeness and comfort - even those costing much more.

The head on this razor has been designed to angle the blade for a smooth and comfortably shave. Don't let the beautiful looks of this razor fool you. It is meant to shave with and it will reward you with a barbershop shave every time!

The ECO-Razor series takes on a mission to offer a 'Green' alternative to your shaving routine.
It is more ECO-nomical and also ECO-logical to the environment as compared to Cartridge Razors and Electric Shavers. 
The safety razor is a full metal construction that is very durable and can possibly last you an entire lifetime with low maintenance.
Although it could cost more upfront , refill blades are much cheaper and completely recyclable. 
If used correctly , these are also heralded as the best way to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs due to its design and ability to give a close shave.

Note: This razor is packaged with 5 FREE Double Edge Razor Blades 

Brass frame
Matte black plating
⬥ Twist to unlock ⬥ Load Blades ⬥ Lather Up ⬥ Shave along the grain

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